Vegan Green Bean Casserole

Say hello to the most delicious vegan on the internet. This vegan green bean casserole is made with fresh green beans, mushrooms, a vegan roux, and fried onions!

vegan green bean casserole

The holidays are upon us and you’ve asked time and time again for more vegan recipes! We’re here today sharing a delicious vegan green bean casserole made with fresh green beans and the most scrumptious homemade mushroom gravy you’ve ever tried!

PS: there is no cream of mushroom soup involved in this recipe because it’s 100% homemade from scratch.

Best Vegan Green Bean Casserole!

I know what you’re thinking…a vegan green bean casserole not made with butter or milk? Listen, it can be done and it WILL be tasty!

This recipe tastes exactly like a traditional green bean casserole but uses simple swaps to make it -based. Let’s check it out…


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