Meet the Fashion Insider Making Always-on Style Look Effortless

Meet the Fashion Insider

Conquering the to-do list takes a little extra motivation in 2020. Many of us have found ways to rise to the everyday, but thriving under the pressures of the new norm is just part of the job for Sandy Pierre. A marketer for Elle’s publisher, , Sandy navigates a demanding schedule while still finding time to be an active leader in her community.

Pierre is also the co-founder of Hearst Black , which aims to lift Black voices from within the Hearst brand portfolio and beyond. She launched the coalition in 2019 as a means to address the lack of diversity she witnessed on her own team. “I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create [Hearst Black Culture]: a space for Black employees where they feel safe, where we can amplify Black voices, and help HR recruit more diverse talent.” Naturally, leading simultaneous roles within one organization—as well as her events side hustle, Secure My Brand—means that a day in Pierre’s life (especially in 2020) requires a lot of drive.

Step into her very shoes.

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