Adorable Round Bird Allows Human To Pet Its Belly (Video)

If have yet to be convinced that Kookaburras are some of the cutest and funniest out there, then you’re about to be. Because in this video, an itty-bitty, chonky, round, and so so fluffy Kookaburra graciously allows a human to pet its belly. It’s an honor. And this Kookaburra looks so incredibly content, like it’s smiling the whole time.

Meanwhile, it somehow manages to melt our hearts, make us smile, and make us fall in love with birds even more than before. So, if you’re a bird lover like us, show this video to those friends of yours who think birds are unworthy of love and appreciation and change their minds. And if you’re new to the adorableness of birds, this one is going to win you over even more.

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