How To Host A Winter Wedding

There is something very special about winter . I can’t quite decide whether it’s the seasonal romance, the candlelight, the celebratory spirit that feels the air during this time of the year.

Whatever the reason, I absolutely love winter weddings and if you’re looking forward to next year and the prospect of your own seasonal celebration, then I suspect you’re going to adore this feature. Our friends at RSA House in  have compiled this must-read guide to hosting the perfect winter and it’s packed with advice from RSA’s expert team and some of their exceptional team of preferred suppliers.

RSA House

Firstly, I should say that RSA House is an absolutely perfect winter wedding venue. And I say that with first-hand experience as one of my weddings, back in the day when I was a planner, was at RSA House and it was just fantastic. London always feels special in winter and the RSA’s location, tucked away on a beautiful little street just behind The Strand gives you all the benefits of a city location (think photos on The Strand where you literally stop the traffic!) plus all the luxury and style of a historic townhouse mixed with the cool vibe of The Vaults, possibly the best place for a in central London!

Anyway, on with the . Let’s all take a little while out from today and look forward to what might be…

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