Middle-Aged? These 9 Things Make You Look Old!

Stated plainly, there are those who look forward to middle age, and those who dread it–the “” is a common phenomenon, after all! Aging is inevitable, however, and we believe a should embrace the benefits that come with it, while at the same time steering away from habits that make him look older than he needs to!


Men and Middle Age

When you think about it, men should look forward to middle-age. We’ve learned lessons from our youth, we’re more secure at work, we’re more confident in our social situations, and we’re set up to enjoy life.

So, why is middle-age so feared? I think, for a lot of men, it’s the start of old age in a society where youth is valued very highly. It’s a sad thing for many out there. While a gentleman knows that every stage in life has its significance and , very few want to appear older than they actually are.

Raphael wearing a linen shirt, black baseball cap, and aviators.


Aging is a common topic around the Gentleman’s Gazette, probably because we all age, and when it comes to clothing, there is the aspect of age appropriateness. Basically, all that refers to is styles and types of clothing that look particularly well on a person of a certain age.

Of course, the so-called rules aren’t intended to limit your spirits or in any way. They’re merely a guideline to help you look your best. On that note, we cover balancing style and maturity in our guide on How To Dress Your Age.

Mistakes Middle-Aged Men Make – Mistake #1: Behaving like times haven’t changed

I find that more formal occasions are often a perfect display of men wearing things they’re simply no longer appropriate. Just think of your Uncle Philbert, who clearly pulled out a jacket for your cousin Danny’s  that is two sizes too big, with shoulder pads like a football player and a buttoning point super low like a 1990s jacket. The same goes with a wildly printed 90s silk tie. They are just simply not in style anymore, and for good reason.

Another one of those drastic changes is weight gain, which can make you look and feel very different. Conversely, some gentlemen experience the opposite, where they’re losing mass and muscle, and it makes their bodies look scrawny, and their faces are drawn out or thin.

Preston as "Uncle Philbert" in a suit that's much too big.

Preston as “Uncle Philbert” in a suit that’s much too big.

An easy first step to combat these effects of aging is by dressing appropriately for your body type. And yes, I mean the body type you have today. Not the one you had 30 years ago. That clothing will help define, contain, and structure the look of your body in a way that is flattering. It will also hide imperfections.

Quality clothes typically come with a lot of fabric reserve, and so having a good relationship with your alterations tailor allows you to change the look of your garments and make them more flattering, no matter what your current physique is like. An alterations tailor is certainly not a magician. He or she can truly help you hide the signs of age that you sometimes encounter with clothing, and we discuss what he or she can do in our guide to Suit Alterations.

An alterations tailor can help you change the way your garment look so it's best to have a good relationship with them.

An alterations tailor can help you change the way your garment look so it’s best to have a good relationship with them.

Let’s be honest, many age-related changes to your body can be very drastic, and that pair of trousers that fit so snuggly simply can’t be altered and made larger anymore. Wishful thinking about the body type you had and the hopes that you maybe one day return to that will most likely make you unnecessarily feel bad about yourself…

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