Stars — They’re Just Like Us!

Stars — They’re Just Like Us!


They Get Distracted by Dogs!
Rachel Brosnahan stopped to pet a pup on the set of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in New York City on March 10.Jose Perez/

They Dine Alone!
Jon Voight brought a book to a solo dinner at the Beverly Glen Deli in Bel-Air on March 8.FIA / MEGA

They Go Grocery Shopping!
Chrissy Teigen purchased her own groceries at Bristol Farms in California on March 9.Rachpoot/MEGA

They Eat Cereal!
Drew Barrymore snapped a selfie with a bowl of Frosted Mini-Wheats on March 29 in honor of National Breakfast Week.Courtesy of Kellogg

They Grab The Morning Paper!
Wearing a robe and holding a coffee in her hand, former Daily Pop cohost Catt Sadler started her day reading the news in L.A., March 2.Jack Hammer/

They Grocery Shop!
Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn showed off her growing baby bump while at the supermarket with husband Christian Richard in L.A., March 2.Rachpoot/MEGA

They Pump Gas!
Yes, even Kylie Jenner fills up her own fuel tank! Looking stylish (as always), the mogul made a stop at a self-service station in Bel Air, California, February 22.TheRealSPW/MEGA

They Practice Self-Care!
Winnie Harlow treated herself to a massage during a recent getaway in Cancun, Mexico, February 22.MEGA

They Stay Active!
Fit Brooke Burke has said her workouts and healthy diet are “a big part of my lifestyle.” (Pictured in Malibu, February 14)Michael Simon/

They Indulge In Sweets!
Sugar high! Salma Hayek sipped on a slushy on February 12.Courtesy of Salma Hayek/Instagram

They Food Shop!
Ariel Winter stocked up on her favorite goodies during a recent trip to Trader Joe’s in L.A., February 15.CrownMedia/MEGA

They Stay Active!
Carrie Underwood took some time to stretch out her muscles before a workout, February 9.Courtesy of Carrie Underwood/Instagram

They Pump Their Own Gas!
Clad in a cardigan and slippers, Jax Taylor filled up his Jeep’s fuel tank in Hollywood, California, February 4.Coltrane/MEGA

They Garden!
“Move over Schrute Farms, there’s a new farmer in town!” Jenna Fischer joked of her green thumb, making a reference to her former Office costar Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight. (February 8)Courtesy of Jenna Fischer/Instagram

They Watch Where They’re Going!
Olivia Palermo made sure not to slip while running errands after a snowstorm in NYC, February 3.Jose Perez/

They Have Socially Distanced Gatherings!
Meg Ryan safely met up with her pals in the park for a celebration in Santa Barbara, California, February 2.NRP/MEGA

They Take Out The Trash!
Former Bachelor Nick Viall did some household chores in L.A., February 1.MEGA

They Stay Active!
Zoey Deutch looked red hot in Old Navy athleisure wear during a hike in L.A., January 27.Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

They’re Doting Parents!
“I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson joked of untangling 2-year-old daughter Tiana’s tresses on January 23.Courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Instagram

They Walk The Dogs!
Gavin Rossdale stepped out with his beloved Pomeranian, Chewy, and a new furry companion in L.A., January 27.GAC/MEGA

They Eat Right!
The secret to Bachelor Matt James’ fit body? Working out and chowing down on nutritious meals — like an acai bowl in Jupiter, Florida, January 24.MEGA

They Give Back!
A marvelous donation! Rachel Brosnahan partnered with Amazon to support one of her favorite charities, Covenant House, in NYC.Michael Simon

They Grab Takeout!
Mama’s hungry! Pregnant Ashley Tisdale safely picked up lunch for herself in L.A, January 17.P&P/MEGA

They Zoom On-The-Go!
Busy Julianne Hough took her conference call to the streets in West Hollywood, January 19.Rachpoot/MEGA

They’re Handy!
Who needs to call a roofer when there’s Ryan Phillippe? The actor did some house repairs on January 14.Courtesy of Ryan Phillippe/Instagram

They Pump Gas!
Meg Ryan avoided an empty gas tank in L.A., January 12.Mai Toun/MEGA

They Quench Their Thirst!
During a commercial break, Good Morning America coanchor Robin Roberts sipped on a cool beverage in NYC, January 12.MediaPunch/Shutterstock

They Walk Their Dog!
Helena Christensen stepped out with her beloved Australian shepherd, Kuma, in NYC on January 11.MEGA

They Cycle In The City!
Kelly Bensimon got where she needed to go via Citi Bike in NYC, January 13.Janet Mayer / MEGA

They Multitask!
Between carrying a huge basket and walking Kuma, Justin Theroux certainly had his hands full while out and about in NYC, January 5.LRNYC/MEGA

They Work Out!
Sticking to a healthy 2021, perhaps? Wells Adams broke a sweat during an afternoon job in L.A., January 4.BG015/ / MEGA

They Ride Bikes!
After fully recovering from Covid-19, Ellen DeGeneres safely pedaled to lunch in Santa Barbara, California, December 27.Tony Deukmejian/MEGA

They Stay Active!
John Legend and Chrissy Teigen went for a hike while on a tropical getaway in St. Barts, December 22.IMP/Backgrid/EliotPress/MEGA

They Go Shopping!
Katie Holmes’ hands were full after hitting some stores in NYC, December 22.LRNYC/MEGA

They Hydrate!
A pregnant Emily Ratajkowski sipped on a beverage during a beach day in L.A, December 20.Rachpoot/MEGA

They Run Errands!
Renée Zellweger was spotted schlepping a load of packages before treating herself to a smoothie in L.A., December 18.P&P / MEGA

They Do Chores!
Chef Sandra Lee was seen taking out the trash at her new place — just days after moving out of the N.Y. home she shared with her ex, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in Malibu, December 18.Joey Andrew/

They Stay Active!
Matt James hit the golf course ahead of the Bachelor premiere in Jupiter, Florida, December 19.MEGA

They Go To The Bank!
Molly Shannon hopped on her bike after withdrawing cash from the ATM in L.A., December 18.RHTY/

They Go Shopping!
Lily Collins picked up last minute essentials from Target in West Hollywood, December 11.MEGA

They Take Public Transportation!
A chic Padma Lakshmi rode the subway like a true New Yorker in NYC, November 29.Michael Simon/

They’re Glued To Their Phones!
Jennifer Lopez snuck in a bit of screen time while Christmas shopping in NYC, December 8.Wise Owl/MEGA

They Stay Active!
Emily Ratajkowski displayed her growing baby bump during a hike in L.A., November 27.Rachpoot/MEGA

They Bake!
Stormi saves Christmas! The 2-year-old was mom Kylie Jenner’s special helper in the kitchen while making Grinch-themed cupcakes, November 19.Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

They Browse Stores!
Mom-to-be Emma Roberts did some shopping at Ikea in L.A., November 18.P&P/MEGA

They Run Errands!
After a trip to the mechanic, Casey Affleck picked up two bundles of logs in L.A., November 17.P&P / MEGA

They Recycle!
Olivia Culpo properly placed her cardboard boxes in the right bin in L.A., November

They Workout!
Shia LaBeouf didn’t let his arm injury stop him from going on a jog in Pasadena, California, November 11.Snorlax / MEGA

They Pay The Meter!
Jeff Goldblum avoids a parking ticket in West Hollywood, November 10.MEGA

They Run Errands!
While out and about, Ariel Winter’s hands were full with a giant roll of bubble wrap and packaging tape in L.A, November 8.MEGA

They Drive!
No chauffeur for him! Despite being worth a reported $400 million, Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly fine with getting behind the wheel in L.A., November 4.London Entertainment/Shutterstock

They Drink Caffeine!
Chris Pine starts a long day on set with a cup of java in L.A., November 4.Snorlax/MEGA

They Give Back!
Offset handed out free food to voters while they waited on line to cast their ballots in Atlanta, November 3.MediaPunch/Shutterstock

They Grab Takeout!
Lily Allen gets hot drinks and baked treats to go in NYC, November 2.MEGA

They Take Out The Trash!
Jax Taylor has no problem doing his share of the household chores while wife Brittany Cartwright is pregnant. (Pictured in L.A., October 26)MEGA

They Schlep Their Stuff!
Claire Danes’ hands are full as she hauls a large box of diapers on a trolly and carries a package in NYC, October 22.MEGA

They Pump Gas!
Rebel Wilson has no problem filling up her own tank in West Hollywood, October 20.MEGA

They Hydrate!
Simon Cowell takes a sip during a family shopping trip in L.A., October 18.RF/Coleman-Rayner

They Order Takeout!
Robin Wright grabs a drink and food to go in Santa Monica, California, October 17.MEGA

They Take Public Transit!
Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. head to their destination via subway in NYC, October 15.MEGA

They Buy Flowers!
No fancy florist for Chrissy Teigen! The model picks up a pretty plant from Ralphs supermarket instead in L.A., October 20.Rachpoot/Bris/MEGA

They Dine Out!
Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino grabs a bite to eat al fresco in Beverly Hills, October 13.MEGA

They Ride The Train!
Jaimie Alexander forgoes a taxi and takes the subway like a true New Yorker. (NYC, October 14)MEGA

They Play Sports!
Garrett Hedlund’s opponent just got served. (Pictured in L.A., October 6)MEGA

They Dine Out!
Tyler, the Creator grabs lunch with a pal in West Hollywood, October 6.MEGA

They Snack On Treats!
Even Vanessa Lachey gets mid-day cravings! The TV personality loves Fairlife ice cream. (Pictured in L.A., September 28)Sophie Fritz/

They Keep Active!
Liev Schreiber double dribbles — literally — while taking on son Sasha, 13, during a game of basketball in NYC, September 30.MEGA

They Walk Their Dogs!
Gavin Rossdale enjoys a beach stroll with his beloved pooch Chewy — and a mystery blonde! (Malibu, September 29)Marksman / MEGA

They Go To The Hair Salon!
So long quarantine hair! Ireland Baldwin finally goes blonde again in West Hollywood, September 24.MEGA

They Chow Down!
Katie Holmes fills up on pizza while out with beau Emilio Vitolo Jr. and his father, Emilio Vitolo Sr., in NYC, September 25.MEGA

They Bake!
“I love to bring Santi into the kitchen with me,” Eva Longoria says of cooking with her 2-year-old son. (September 29)Courtesy of Eva Longoria/Instagram

They Ride Bikes!
Dominic Cooper takes his two-wheeler for a spin around town in London, September 21.MEGA

They Stay Active!
What a big shot! Gavin Rossdale has a mean swing in L.A., September 23.MEGA

They Play Chess In The Park!
John Leguizamo makes a move. Checkmate! (Pictured in NYC, September 15)Janet Mayer/

They Talk To Their Dogs!
Mother of dogs! Emilia Clarke takes Ted out for a game of fetch in London, September 14.Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock

They Dine Out!
A drink in the afternoon? Wine not! Jennifer Lopez enjoys a lunch outing with her younger sis, Lynda, in NYC, September 7.Jose Perez/

They Pay The Meter!
Joaquin Phoenix avoids a ticket while out and about in L.A., September 3.Coleman-Rayner

They Grocery Shop!
Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber stock up on fresh fruits and veggies in L.A., September 7.Rachpoot/MEGA

They Go Running!
Taye Diggs also stays toned by doing circuit training: “I need to relieve stress and hit it hard, and feel like I’ve been to work afterward,” he’s said of his workouts. (Pictured in Santa Monica, August 26)London Entertainment/Shutterstock

They Buy Groceries!
It looks like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen will be cooking up a storm (as per usual) in the near future! (Pictured in Beverly Hills, August 31)MEGA

They Homeschool Their Kids!
Just add teacher to her ever-growing resumé! Reese Witherspoon helps Tennessee, 7, with his classwork in L.A., August 26.Courtesy of Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

They Drink Green Juice!
Hailey Bieber grabs a green juice while wearing Tna for Aritzia shorts. “I’m not the saint of healthy eating,” the model has said, but “I do try to balance things out.” (Pictured in L.A., August 17)Rachpoot/MEGA

They Need Caffeine!
Salma Hayek starts every day with a cup of café! (Pictured in Greece, August 20)Courtesy of Salma Hayek/Instagram

They Shop For Groceries!
Breadwinner! Gavin Rossdale hunts for a fresh loaf at Whole Foods’ bakery in Malibu, August 19.Marksman/MEGA

They Pump Gas!
Kate Mara fills the tank (while fighting germs) in L.A., August 15.Coleman-Rayner

They Do At-Home Spa Treatments!
Naomi Watts says she’s “officially golden” thanks to Joanna Vargas’ exfoliating mask. (August 10)Courtesy of Naomi Watts/Instagram

They Play Games!
Can’t read their poker faces? Salma Hayek safely plays a round of cards with her brother and father on August 9.Courtesy of Salma Hayek/Instagram

They Need Caffeine!
Now that’s a balancing act: Ireland Baldwin carries multiple drinks, her cellphone, and a pouch in L.A., August 10.MEGA

They Work Out!
Shia LaBeouf? More like LaBuff! The fit actor goes for a jog in Pasadena, California, August 7.MEGA

They Collect Their Mail!
The USPS was here! Kate Beckinsale grabs the post in L.A., August 5.MEGA; Inset: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

They Wash Their Car!
And pump this own gas! Terry Crews treats his Escalade right in Beverly Hills, August 5.Snorlax / MEGA

They Get Takeout!
It looks like Chrissy Teigen is having a pizza party, in L.A., August 4.Bris / MEGA

They Play In The Sand!
Amy Schumer isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty! (August 3)Courtesy of Amy Schumer/Instagram

They Exercise!
Brooke Shields gets her game face on to feel the burn in The Hamptons, New York, July 28.Michael Simon/

They Go Hiking!
Self-proclaimed nature nut Elizabeth Banks is chasing waterfalls — literally! (Pictured in Gloria Falls, Utah, July 26)Courtesy of Elizabeth Banks/Instagram

They Bond With Their Kids!
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets to work with his girls Jasmine, 4, and Tiana, 2, in L.A., July 26.Courtesy of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson/Instagram

They Grab Drinks To Go!
Gold star for multitasking! Lucy Hale walks, talks and carries her cup in L.A., July / MEGA

They Try New Things!
Ayesha Curry says her first time paddle boarding with hubby Stephen was “serene and perfect for clearing the mind.” (July 26)Courtesy of Ayesha Curry/Instagram

They Bike!
Arnold Schwarzenegger rides like the wind in L.A., July 21.Shutterstock

They Dine Outside!
Joan Smalls enjoys an alfresco breakfast at an Italian cafe in Portofino, Italy, July 22.Oliver Palombi / MEGA

They Feed Their Pets!
“I like knowing that my fur babies are eating good quality food,” says Miranda Lambert. (July 21)Courtesy of Miranda Lambert/Instagram

They Pump Gas!
Jerry O’Connell doesn’t have a problem with self-service. (July 20)Courtesy of Jerry O’Connell/Instagram

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