Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Explains Why She Quit Social Media

Actress , who portrayed the character Rey in the popular  sequel trilogy, recently spoke in an interview about her decision to quit . Ridley first appeared as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015. She last played Rey in The Last Jedi and has since said that it is unlikely that she will ever return to play the role of Rey again. Ridley has moved on from Star Wars and is venturing into other starring roles.

Ridley’s first major movie role since Star Wars will be in the upcoming sci-fi thriller called Chaos Walking. She will star alongside actor Tom Holland in the film, which is an adaptation of the young adult novel written by Patrick Ness. Ridley will play the character Viola, who ends up crashing onto a planet that is infected with a disease referred to as The Noise. The effects of the disease are only experienced by the men on the planet and it reveals their innermost thoughts for everyone to hear.

Ridley sat down in an interview recently with Who What Wear to talk about Chaos Walking and eventually explained her absence from social media while on the related topic of people’s innermost thoughts being revealed. Ridley quit back in 2016 after receiving harassment for her posts involving anti-gun messages. In the recent interview, she recognized the usefulness of social media but stated that it is not for her. She explained, “I think people use it well. It’s an amazing tool for connection, particularly now. It’s just not for me.”

Ridley has plenty to keep her busy these days other than social media. She will be starring in not one, but two period dramas that take place around World War II. One of those upcoming dramas was announced back in 2017 and is called A Woman of No Importance. Ridley will portray the American spy Virginia Hall in the film, but there are very few other details available regarding the release date or other cast members. However, her next film Chaos Walking will finally be released next month after having been delayed from its original January release date.

Social media seems to certainly have more cons than pros for celebrities. It is especially understandable for an actress like Ridley who stars in something as massive as the Star Wars franchise to make the decision to step away from it. It is highly useful, especially when promoting roles and projects, as Ridley mentioned in the interview, but it also opens the door for intense backlash that can have a heavy, negative effect on a person’s mental . Ridley has no plans to ever return to social media but with a promising career still ahead of her, she will still be on the big screen likely for many years to come.


Source: WhoWhatWear

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