Things I wish I didn’t buy in 2020

I don’t remember shopping too much last year because the recession spooked the F out of me so I decided to reduce my shopping sprees, resist browsing online stores and apps, and save as much money as I could.

I generally loved all my purchases last year since they were only few, therefore I had given them more careful thought and made sure that I wanted or needed them before paying.

But there are a few bad apples that, thinking about it now, I wish I didn’t buy or have delayed the purchase to some other time.

Here’s my list.

Things I wish I didn't buy in 2020 morena filipina lifestyle blog


– One of my luxury purchases last year. I remember purchasing this two days before the implementation of the first lockdown at Louis Vuitton Solaire resort.

I’ve always believed in first impressions and how luxury items can help boost that; I also believe that a good professional impression starts with your business card holder. I’ve been meaning to purchase a Louis Vuitton card holder too to replace my Kate Spade one.

But why is it a bad purchase?

I intended to buy this card holder last year for two main reasons: 1. I was anticipating a slew of meetings and events where I would need to whip out this thing often to hand out my business cards. 2. I intended to make it a credit card holder and wallet replacement in my supposed birthday trip to Japan because. None of those things happened last year. Now this LV card holder is just sitting in my bag. I’m actually using it as a credit card holder, but to be honest, I could do without it at the moment; it’s just a matter of buying it at the wrong time.

I’ve heard that Louis Vuitton had a price increase this year including their small leather goods so I guess it’s also good that I already purchased this last year?

Things I wish I didn't buy in 2020 morena filipina lifestyle blog

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– Whenever I love something, I always want to share it with my loved ones. Case in point: Airpods. It took my productivity to a whole new level and I wanted to share the amazement with my husband and nephew. However, I couldn’t get them Airpods, especially last year.

One time, I saw these cute, candy-colored, Airpods- like wireless earphones on Lazada; I talked about it with friends and one vouched that they’re pretty good so I went on and bought a couple of pieces; hey, it was only P250 and I wanted as many people as possible to experience the wonders of wireless music listening.

But as the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. P250 for a wireless pair of earphones is ridiculously cheap and indeed, they are; some of the earphones either have one functioning side only or none at all.

What a waste of money.

Things I wish I didn't buy in 2020 morena filipina lifestyle blog

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– When everyone was panic buying alcohols and bottles were literally wiped from the shelves of Manila, I chanced upon Chemworld’s generic Ethyl Alcohol gallons. I hurriedly purchased two gallons as stock.

Turns out they’re fragrance- free.

I”m telling you; using fragrance- free alcohol is like being in the twilight zone, folks.

Things I wish I didn't buy in 2020 morena filipina lifestyle blog

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– One thing I realized after being a Lazada and Shopee customer for quite a while now is I will never enter the retail industry. Because clothes that are being sold online are ridiculously cheap! How can any fashion retailer compete with a 200- peso pair of jeans????

Also, online clothes are never too kind to curvaceous ladies like me; it’s always the clothes are too tight on the bum area and too loose on the waist, the leg holes were made for 10-year-olds, and it always seems like the makers of these clothes are either petite or ectomorphs.

I’ve had a few cool finds online, but generally, my experience isn’t that good. I’ll always be the fit-and-buy-in-store kind of clothes shopper.

Things I wish I didn't buy in 2020 morena filipina lifestyle blog


– This is another LV card holder case.

I’m a huge Apple fan; my very first personal laptop is a Mac and Ive been buying and using Mac ever since. When the iWatch came out, it didn’t appeal too much to me since I was way past my watch phase already (used to love watches when I was in my teens).

But hype got the best of me. I’ve been seeing this watch on the wrists of friends, celebrities, and influencers, plus when I have watched videos and read reviews, I thought that it isn’t bad plus it has a lot of great productivity features. Those, plus the fact that Apple Series 3 iWatch went from 20K+ down to 10K+.

I chanced upon a few stocks while visiting Switch at BGC High Street and the rest was history. After owning this watch for nearly 6 months now, I could say that it functions as…a watch. LOL. An expensive watch at that.

The problem is, I couldn’t find time to sit down, fiddle with it, and try out its amazing features in my life because I’ve been preoccupied with work since July and I’d rather focus my time looking for more clients than figuring out how to maximize an .

I actually like this watch and I know I can do more with it, but I think I just purchased it at a wrong time too. If times were better and work was just easy to find, I would have found more time to use this watch and integrate it in my life.

That’s all for my purchase regrets for 2020. What are yours?


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