Essential Oils for Glowing Face: What’s in a Formula?


The seasons are changing and, for those of us entering the colder climates, this is a time to assess the best products for our particular . Essential oils offer a variety of topical applications to meet your needs.

The first consideration is the source. Make sure anything you put on your skin is organic and sourced from a reputable distributor. I personally stay away from those oils manufactured by large corporate entities where the goal is profit over purity.

What type of product is best for your skin? It depends, though face serums, because of the concentration of their active ingredients, are thought to be very effective in targeting specific concerns.

Dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky explains, “The concentrations in serums are meant to penetrate the skin faster and easier than creams because they’re not diluted with .”

I am one of those people who like to dig in and understand the science of creating basic recipes. I make my own ghee, ricotta cheese, pesto, etc. just for the fun of it. That’s just me!

In that same manner,…

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